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If you do not know the Avid editing software, you should know that this is one of the preferred choices for professional video editors.

This time, the company Avid offers a totally free product for users created for amateur home video editing.

Avid Free DV aims to provide a first look at the Avid interface using an interface and tools that will not cause any problem for an amateur video maker. You edit your digital videos using a effects and creating a simple but professional looking work.

Avid Free DV is presented as a demonstration of what you can do with the premium edition of Avid Xpress DV that includes a sample range of tools and effects for professional video editing.

However, although the goal of the application is to show us that the premium version can be excellent, the truth is that this free version can be very handy and those users who want to perform minor changes and editions will find it useful and won't need any extra feature.

You'll need to enter the activation key as follows:
- Demo Serial Number: AvidFreeDV-873C
- Demo Authorization Code: AF8S-XVJC-UC7K-552H-KE7Q
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